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Attract more Happiness and Success into your Life


A Powerful Practice to have more Happiness and Success

Today I will be sharing a powerful practice with you to help you start to attract more happiness and success and make the shift from feeling negative and unhappy to enjoying a positive, successful mindset.

How your Thoughts Affect your Ability to Create and Attract Happiness and Success

Your thoughts create your reality. Your thoughts, words and emotions are made up of energy and if you are giving off a negative vibration, then that is what is drawn to you. As the Law of Attraction and Quantum Physics state, that which we focus on expands and like attracts like. The attitude of

Gratitude is the key to train your thoughts to look for and expect positive and uplifting experiences in life.

The ritual of writing in a Gratitude Journal creates a very strong positive energy and creates a direct line to the Universe. When we focus on Appreciation and Gratitude, we attract more of that into our life. Whatever we focus on grows exponentially. If we are training our minds daily to see all the wonderful things in life, we have no room in our minds to see or feel negative.

Scientific research has proven that having and choosing grateful thoughts naturally triggers serotonin and dopamine, the feel-good hormones.

Start a daily gratitude ritual. Every morning and/or evening create the blissful habit of writing in your journal. To enhance the experience, set up your gratitude space where perhaps you have a lit candle, an essential oils diffuser and beautiful uplifting music playing. Make this your new special empowering habit. It is like going to the gym the more you use your gratitude muscle, the stronger it will become And you will notice you feel so much happier, lighter and more positive. i

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Gratitude will raise your positive energy and vibration and as we know 'like attracts like' and we will be a magnet to even more wonderful experiences that life has to offer.


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