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Experiences and journeys from those who have worked with Myia.

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Samantha Briatico

Myia is amazing. I came to Myia knowing I had something holding me back from success in my business, love and truly living my life to the fullest...

Through my two sessions with her, I had a total transformation and opening. After the first session, I had a true understanding of what was holding me back. It was the old programs that were running the show. Myia was able to pinpoint these and rewrite new programs of what I wanted in life, through the hypnosis and regression.

She also helps you understand your thoughts have such a massive impact on your reality. She gives you Inspired Actions to help create the life of your dreams. I am so excited about what the future holds. I feel empowered, strong and ready to take on each day!

Carol McKenzie

I cannot recommend Myia enough, please don't waste precious time and money, get in touch with Myia, she has helped me change my mind in the...

most beautiful, positive, life-changing way. The transformations I feel and see are mind-blowing. This woman has something special. An absolute blessing. Whatever your challenges may be I am 100% sure she will help you. Myia thank you for helping me love life. I've never felt this way or this good ever. You have no idea how grateful I am for you. I can’t stop smiling.

Marta Nieczyporuk

In the first moment I spoke to Myia in our 20 minutes introductory call, I knew I had found the right RTT practitioner for me...

I knew what I wanted to achieve but I felt like there were several issues I wanted to address and wasn't sure which ones should take priority or whether we could work on them at once. I was confused and a bit anxious that I would have to make a choice. So, when Myia said that working out what we needed to work on in our session was her job, I knew I had come to the right place. It was EXACTLY what I wanted to hear and I immediately felt at ease.

The conversation leading up to the hypnotherapy was fantastic. She explained how the conscious and subconscious mind works and how RTT changes this. After the (Skype) session I felt results immediately! It has been almost two weeks now and my thought patterns are shifting dramatically.

It is becoming natural for me to think good feeling thoughts than the previous default bad feeling thoughts. My confidence has reached a level it has never been at before and I know it will continue to get stronger. I know that because of my session with Myia my future will be everything that I have dreamed of. Myia has a kind, caring and peaceful manner and is amazing at what she does. Thank you so much Myia!!!

Loretta Calabro

I approached Myia because I was ready to let go and move on. Myia helped me by resolving the block issues that were holding me back from living in the NOW...

The result was effortless, SURPRISINGLY. I found the experience to be very professional, informative and easy to put plans in place. The problem was solved above and beyond. I was extremely happy with my results. The 2 RTT sessions improved my relationship with my hubby and my mum – feeling so much more untangled, free and happier. I feel very positive/excited about my future now, and I am living the results. I have already recommended 2 family and friends to see Myia. It's been life-changing.

Marika Fernandez

RTT (Rapid Transformational Therapy) – Life changing experience. My entire thought process has changed: increased positivity and happiness in my life...

Excellent coping strategies helped me to let go of the past and envision a much brighter future. The hypnosis was new and interesting, very relaxing and it works!

Marissa Calabro

I approached Myia because I found RTT and wanted to experience Rapid Transformation. The result was Phenomenal!! It was fast, effective...

and I am now excited about my new knowledge, new skills and new life. Myia helped me by making me aware of being stuck in a negative loop and how to create new thoughts. I have new tools, positive thoughts and am empowered to choose what I spend my energy thinking about and creating.

Ben Burrows

My sessions with Myia helped me unlock things and gave me the tools to maintain and be responsible for my own happiness. I am really excited about my future...

I have already noticed a huge improvement in myself and my life … I can’t wait to see what comes next. Life-changing, literally!


I am so inspired by the RTT work you’re doing. I have to say I am feeling pretty energised and have been sleeping better, without stressful dreams! I really do feel like a shift...

has happened and am excited about my future potential, now the last of my limiting blocks have been identified. I’m listening to your beautiful recording nightly before I go to sleep, and it is lovely to drift off to sleep to. My husband is looking forward to a session with you as well. I have also recommended you to a friend of mine. Thanks again for our wonderful session and I’m sure we will stay in touch.


I found my time with Myia to be life-changing, is so many ways. Changing my beliefs and thought patterns has truly helped change the path of my future...

From a base of fear and financial constraint, in three sessions, I now have positive thought patterns, a new career that allows me to travel the world easily and effortlessly. Now true financial freedom will be a reality in 2018. My health has improved. I sleep much better, and I have released 2 kilos!
Myia opened my eyes to so many things, and I am looking forward to a future filled with unlimited possibilities.

Sandy Chaney

I cannot thank Myia enough for assisting me in transforming myself and my life. I had created my problems and issues in my own body and mind, and was failing at correcting them...

but Myia has helped me to feel wonderful in my own body. I approached Myia for the main problem (Irritable Bowel Syndrome – IBS), and she encouraged me to share my thoughts with her, and I was able to articulate many issues. Myia helped me put things in perspective and deal with my anxieties. I was very surprised at how much Myia remembered from previous sessions – it was as though I was talking to a long-time friend who understood me completely. I had lifelong self-esteem issues thanks to a Narcissistic mother. I had tried to correct my thinking over the years, but with Myia’s help I have turned a corner, am putting these issues behind me and am looking forward to a future of more confidence.

Myia also helped me to tap into the power of the “Law of Attraction” by changing my thoughts from what I don’t want, to what I choose to now have. The changes have been immediate and mind-blowing. There have been so many examples of kindness and abundance coming to me that I couldn’t possibly list them all. I am so grateful. I have enjoyed my (three) sessions with Myia and am sorry they have ended. Myia is a gorgeous person – both on the outside and internally. I can feel the goodness within her and love the fact that she just wants to help others attain that state. I aspire to be more like her. Thank you, Myia – and I hope to see you again.

Sonya Furlong

Myia is an intuitive, intelligent and gifted coach. In just one session she was able to help with a health problem that had literally been plaguing me for over a decade...

By asking the right questions Myia was able to get to the very deep heart of the problem and make a mind-body connection that I had never been able to make before. Through her wonderfully descriptive guided meditation, which I listened to daily, I was able to rid myself of this malaise that no medical doctor could help me with! I am so grateful for the new lease on life Myia has given me and have been back for more sessions since to work on other issues. I highly recommend Myia.

Jamie Myers

Imagine life as you know it as a black and white, silent movie... Now imagine how spectacular that same movie would be if it were now High Definition Technicolour...

with Surround Sound. This is how drastic the perception shift is after working with Myia. Her work, technique and approach can only be described as enlightening, enunciated further by Myia herself. Her Person-ability, Energy and Understanding are a testament to the comfortable and safe environment she creates. I strongly believe that with a client's equal investment, there isn't an area of your psyche that Myia could not heal. With my sincerest gratitude and highest recommendation.

Javier Renna

I connected with Myia, seeking help to overcome one of the most, if not the most, challenging moments of my life after I suffered a serious injury and couldn't walk for 6 months...

Having gone through the worst behind me as I write this, I know I wouldn't be where I am without Myia's help. I live in San Francisco, so all my sessions with her were through Facetime, yet it felt as though we were having them face to face.

Not only did Myia help me in understanding all the different feelings I was having during this tough time, but most importantly, she helped me channel these feelings to achieve a positive outcome instead of falling into a depression. The mental exercises she had me do were incredibly helpful to control my mind and to guide me with very important life decisions, which happened to come up at the same time of my injury.

Myia, I will be forever grateful for the guidance, help and support that you've provided me, these past months. I sincerely hope to keep having you in my life for many more years to come! Best, Javier

Simona Ferrone

seriously changed my life in so many ways. I came to her as I was stuck and struggling with my newfound existence as a single empty nester, over-weight and lost.

Myia has an unbelievable gift, she made me feel safe enough to share everything with her, and she used the information to guide me on how to bring about a positive change.

At first, I was sceptical that this could happen in only three sessions, but I took the plunge, and after only one visit I was incredibly surprised and feeling transformed. I now have so much to look forward to in my life and am making changes that I never thought possible, the weight is starting to shed, and my spirits are lifted to an all-time high…so much so, that my young adult children (men) noticed a dramatic change in me, and they are now emulating my positive outlook on life. Words simply are not enough to explain what Myia has done for me. You do need to be ready for change, and you do need to put into practice all that she teaches you…if you follow these simple steps, I guarantee all your dreams will come true.

With Myia’s guidance, I have learned to manifest all that is great in this world, and so far the outcomes have been nothing short of miraculous.

I have one more thing to conquer, and that is my addiction to smoking, I very much look forward to another session with Myia to help me with this issue…until then, Myia, thank you, just isn’t enough really. You are a remarkable woman, and I feel truly blessed to have met you and have no doubt that whenever I need a “tune-up” you will be the first person I call!

Carol Knight

I came to Myia to address my confidence, direction and clear my mind – as I had Fibromyalgia which causes ‘brain fog’. After my very first session with Myia...

I was able to release the Fibromyalgia from my body, and I have had no further symptoms after that first session. The brain fog cleared after 2-3 days and also has not returned. I definitely regained my confidence and felt back to my normal self. Awesome RTT experience!!

Jenny T

After a lifetime of emotional eating, I heard about Rapid Transformational Therapy from a friend of mine, including the impressive results that so many people are...

experiencing as a result with this. I was able to make contact with Myia through Marisa Peer’s website that lists all of the therapists that she has trained. I can honestly say that I did not really believe that my addiction to food and my pattern of compulsive overeating could shift, but decided to try it anyway. After one session with Myia followed by daily listening to her personalised meditation tape, the impact was profound. It took a week or two for me to really be able to visualise myself as I wanted to be and as this developed, my eating patterns changed, the fear that I felt about food melted away. For the first time since childhood, I no longer eat as quickly as possible, I am able to put down my knife and fork and hold a conversation during the meal and most of all, my profound anxiety and guilt about food melted away along with my excess weight. The results have far exceeded my expectations, and I am filled with hope about finally being able to develop into the best version of myself. Thank you, Myia. You are truly a gifted healer filled with the deepest compassion and wisdom combined with a finely tuned therapeutic skill. I will always be grateful that our paths have crossed and will continue to work with you to let go of other limiting beliefs.

Marissa Calabro

I found RTT and wanted to experience Rapid Transformational Therapy. Myia helped me by making me aware of how I was stuck in a negative loop and...

how I could create new thoughts. I now have new tools, positive thoughts, empowering myself to choose what I spend my energy thinking about and creating. The result was phenomenal, it was fast, effective and I am now excited about my future, my new skills and my new life!

Abigail Harman

tackle my problem. I needed help because a visit to my mother and sister last year was a total disaster and I didn't want a repeat of the negativity I experienced back then. So I had three consultations with Myia and listened to the hypnotic recording every night for three weeks before I left Australia for England. The result was that I have had a happy and positive time with both my elderly mother and sister. We've been able to talk about important issues without upset and treated each other respectfully and with love. I don't believe this would have been possible without Myia's help. We have said those words to each other, “I love you”, which I don't ever remember mother saying to me.

Coincidentally, I injured my back two weeks before leaving for England and could barely stand. I mentioned it to Myia in passing, and she sent me a meditation to work on with some other suggestions. Amazingly, I was completely pain-free the day of the long flight, and the pain hasn't come back even after lifting heavy suitcases! In the day of my first visit I was a bit apprehensive, but she made me feel totally relaxed. It was like talking to a very special friend. I can't thank Myia enough for her help and wouldn't hesitate in recommending her to you.

David Gray

Within my first session with Myia I knew that I was dealing with the right person and that the Universe had brought me to the right place...

While I had a goal in mind that was very important for me to achieve, it was not as clear as it needed to be – Myia helped me crystallise everything in my mind and focus on every detail of the outcome I wanted to create. She simply guided the conversation (without me even realising!), and it was me that came up with each detail, meaning it was the perfect vision of what I wanted, not anyone else. Best of all, I started seeing changes literally that same day and have been blown away how everything in my life is now aligning to that same reality that I have created – right down to every one of these details that Myia helped me find. There have been times already where I have had goosebumps with the realisation of how easy and effortless this creation is as I watch it manifest – and Myia has shown me just how much fun it is to create my ideal life and situation. She is so easy to talk to, her enthusiasm and passion is infectious, and her knowledge is amazing. She doesn’t just help you with what you need to do but explains why you’re needing to do it. Thank you so much Myia – I look forward to continuing to work with you to continue on my journey I am creating!

Susan Morrow

Myia, thank you very much for a highly insightful session…I was able to successfully address something that has presented..

significant difficulty to me in my life. After our short session, I was amazed that I could move on and free myself from a past occurrence that had caused deep emotional, pain and self-doubt. You helped me immensely! I can now enjoy life more fully and completely. I enjoy renewed positivity and passion for life. Words cannot express my gratitude…many thanks, Susan


Firstly, I really am not sure how to express in words the gratitude for what you have done for me and how you have...

helped me change my life. I have lost count now of how long it’s been since I have had a drink, so I looked it up, 99 days! I can say without hesitation that every area in my life has improved, most importantly, my relationship with my kids! I have referred a few friends to you now. I am not sure if they ended up booking or not, but I hope they do, and get the same experience I have, from doing so. Thank you.

Helen H

What an amazing journey working with you Myia and I am amazed at how much was achieved in just three sessions. The first session I felt you really took the time...

to listen carefully to my jumble of emotions, feelings and ‘issues’. You then spent time articulating to me succinctly the main issues that I might like to address in the three sessions I was going to have with you. Immediately this gave some structure and an objective look at the big picture – fabulous, thank you. From there, you lead me through various techniques with humility, and empathy, looking intently for my responses and feedback during and after each technique. To feel so supported in a positive way is very powerful. The techniques were presented, again succinctly with clarification given when needed, and adjustments where required. Such a positive energy Myia, and such a compassionate and empathetic understanding and support allowed me to express myself whole-heartedly without feeling as though I was being judged or wasting your time. Attention to detail definitely added to the experience: the tea (best in Perth!), the clean and simple clear working space, the music, and of course, the meditation chair, all made for a very comfortable environment, where I felt safe and secure to open up and embrace the thought ‘re-patterning’ offered! I came away from each session feeling empowered, with techniques that I felt secure with, that I was going to succeed in implementing into my life. I must say that I preferred having one session/week rather than two sessions in 1 week to be able to assimilate the material into my being, and then my life, and appreciate how accommodating you were to shifting my appointment. I am so looking forward to working further with you Myia and will be recommending you to my Yoga clients and to my friends who are looking to create positive change in their life. Many blessings, Helen

Mandy Cooke

I came to see Myia for weight, wealth, self-confidence and relationships. I’m feeling better, more confident, eating healthily, looking after myself and making better decisions...

I am amazed by the results. I could never have imagined such a great outcome and how easy it has been!

Annette Butcher

I had one session with Myia, to overcome my fear of flying. After working with her, I can now plan a trip and fly, without having the horrible, debilitating phobia I USED to suffer from.

Thank you so much Myia for giving me this freedom to fly!!

Nick Pirjol

Hi Myia, I just wanted to thank you for all the work you have done for me. I am happy I chose you out of the large variety of therapists. At the beginning, I had no idea I would see results...

in such a short period of time. I came to you with a huge phobia of being behind the wheel of a car. I feel great now and don’t get anxious when I drive anymore!! Thank you again, and I know you can help others in my situation as well. (Skype – Vancouver)

Courtney Black

Myia is amazing. The session I had with her today left me feeling so positive and in the right place. I have techniques now to deal with my fears of Public Speaking...

and I already feel better and think differently. Thank you and highly recommend her services! Can’t wait for the next session

Kelly Robinson

I saw Myia about a problem that I had been having for six years. Something that I felt I just couldn’t get past, and that was holding me back. Myia did this exercise...

that completely changed my perspective on the situation, and immediately the anxiety of the problem went away. I now feel that I can move on and embrace life. I would recommend going to Myia for any problem with anxiety. She’s wonderful! Thanks Myia!

Pippa Candido

Myia has an amazing talent and special gift with the way she coaches, and I am blessed to have had her help me and continue to help me through...

the challenging periods of life. She is an inspiration, and I have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone looking for life coaching or hypnotherapy. Thank you Myia for everything you have done for me.

Jules Eversden

Myia is one of the most moving, driven, positive, inspirational, influential women I’ve ever met in my entire life (and I’m not easily impressed)...

Myself, being a strong independent woman have rarely asked for help in all my years, so baring that in mind, I needed the right kind of guidance and someone who was going to challenge me.
Well let me tell YOU, I walked in thinking I was going to walk out in tears and I felt the complete opposite like I wanted to take on the Universe and teach everyone, what Myia had taught me, as it was really mind-blowing. My life really has turned around in the 2weeks I worked with Myia, I can’t thank her enough. My outlook has changed on so many levels, my allowing is happening and syncing my beliefs with my actions and what I’m attracting, is working too.

Myia has a presence about her which is very influential, and I went to Myia feeling like I couldn’t sustain anything in my life anymore. I was led to Myia, of all hypnotherapists and life coaches, and I would travel on a plane to see her! People said to me, ‘why would you waste your money Jules’. To me, the small price I paid was a huge investment for my future, my well-being and emotional state and that is PRICELESS. Myia helped turn my life around, and I will continue to return to Myia a few times a year to maintain my well-being.

It’s like a course, you do one and feel inspired, well I look at it like that, you invest an hour or so every few months, and you feel inspired and driven again. Myia has made such an impact and words alone aren’t enough to describe her.

Vivienne Garrett

I’m a coach. Ok, so who do I see when I need coaching? Myia at Mind Motivation Coaching.
The coaches Coach. Myia has techniques...

and tools that are revving up my motivation GPS, and setting my intentions clearer and faster. The hypnotherapy session was brilliant!
Thanks, Myia for your safe, quick and effective coaching.
Actor, Theatre Director, Vocal, Acting and Corporate Coach

Lizze Hornby

I found Myia to be a very good listener, and she was able to understand what my specific needs were very quickly. This reassured me and helped me...

to get the most out of my sessions. She also gave me lots to reflect on in between sessions and to put these life lessons into perspective.

The environment that Myia has provided for her clients is very calming. This helped me to relax and focus on each session.

Prior to our 1st session I was very sceptical that any positive results were possible. Myia’s approach was non-judgemental, and she helped me think about situations/my thoughts in a different way.

I realised that if I wanted real outcomes I needed to commit to some of our agreed actions. In-between sessions 2 and 3, a bit of time had passed. The actions that I had taken along with using the reference materials Myia had given me helped me get to a better place. At session 3, we discussed what actions I had taken, and Myia helped me realise that I had done a lot of work since our 1st session.

Working with Myia was a very enjoyable experience. I would recommend her to anyone who feels that they want to move forward but don’t know how to get there. Myia identifies what’s important to you and helps you to focus on achieving your short or long term goals.

As they say practice, practice, practice!! I understand that the more I apply positive thoughts and actions in my daily life, the better it will be. Thank you Myia.

Roz Boulter

After having the 3 Hypnosis sessions with Myia, I have gained so much. I experienced a real opening up of positive thoughts, and now feel so much more...

confident and empowered to deal with personal and work situations. I have been able to release the past that was holding me back, and that is in itself, has allowed me to grow and believe that I can do and succeed with anything.

Shelley C

Myia is a beautiful soul with a lovely calming energy. After one session, I felt much lighter and a greater shift of childhood fears. I would recommend...

Myia to anyone who wants to feel amazing and live free of fears and phobias. I feel more empowered, and my spiritual practice has definitely become stronger. Thank you Myia you are a gift.

Alexandra Hopkins

It was an interesting journey taken with Myia, to delve in and define my fear around money that has been holding me back. She enabled me to locate...

that point in time when its awareness was created and reinforced, and then move away from it. It was very helpful that she used various techniques to do so because in this way I could determine the ones that worked for me more than others.

One of her techniques was hypnotherapy, which was very enjoyable and relaxing…all the while being re-programmed with positive new suggestions to help me think about money differently, to allow in the changes I want to make.

I highly recommend working with Myia to make positive changes in your life, and I am personally looking forward to continuing to notice the positive changes that are appearing in my day-to-day life as a result of the work we have done together. Thanks, Myia


The sleep recording has been a HUGE help. I’m dead asleep a few minutes into it. I can’t thank you enough.

Magdalena Lambie

I am now in a relationship with a wonderful man – I feel very loved, very cared for, and I see potential for the future...

so this is a cause for celebration all around! I feel like I can fully be myself with him, and he’s given me the strength to be vulnerable with a man once again. Myia, I thank you for your part in that! – Magdalena

Kathy B

Hi Myia, I would like to firstly thank you for your wonderful sessions, they were very helpful and inspiring, these sessions...

put me in the right direction in my life, and I will be forever thankful. Your words of wisdom and experience and also the hypnotherapy was brilliant. If I ever feel down and blue in my life I will be heading straight back to you. Thank you again, and I will be recommending you to whoever I come across that needs some guidance in their life. Yours thankfully Kathy

Felicia McStravick

Myia was able to get to the root of my problems around public speaking, which has since been proven, with two public...

speaking opportunities since my last session, and I breezed through my part of the presentation, and thoroughly enjoyed the workshop that I was hosting for once! My headspace has changed to positive thoughts and affirmations, and I look forward to listening to my hypnotherapy recordings, as Myia has an extremely calm and healing voice. Thank you so much Myia!

Elise Frances

It wasn't until I found myself unexpectedly hitting rock bottom this year that I sought Myia's professional guidance...

Within a few days of my first session with Myia, and after listening to her hypnotic recording customised for my situation, things started to turn around very quickly. Myia reminded me of my strengths and goals and helped me to focus on what I wanted, and not the abuse and trauma I had recently experienced. Thank you so much Myia for helping me turn my life around, and move towards fulfilling my purpose. "Go From Survive to Thrive."

Jasmine Martin

After just one session with Myia, I have stopped smoking completely!! It has been two years now, without a cigarette...

and I don’t have any cravings at all. I feel so happy and delighted that I don’t NEED or want to smoke ever again. Even when I see friends or other people around me light up, I just don’t have the urge to smoke. Thank you so much Myia!

Leigh Snelling

Thanks Myia, I wanted to let you know what a huge difference, the session we had together, has made to my life...

I really needed a way to restart my life. As you know, I needed to take control of a few things that were going on. The first big step was to give up smoking, and thanks to your very calm, professional guidance, I’ve achieved that. You really are a miracle worker!! Thank you so much.

Marisa Peer

Myia Cleggett, Thank you for doing such a stellar job and freeing your client from pain and illness...

We go where other therapists don’t go and get amazing and powerful results, because of it.

Marisa Peer Method (who I trained under)