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We are all unique with different needs, wants and desires. I tailor every session to address each client’s particular issue or challenge. 

I offer Skype or FaceTime sessions, and I work with clients all over the world so that everyone can start their journey towards freedom, abundance, happiness and success.

I also offer personal face-to-face sessions.  I work with Health Retreats, Companies and CEOs, Public Speaking Clubs, Networking Groups and Schools to empower and transform.

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Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) Package


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Signature Coaching Program


(Two sessions)

The first session is approximately two hours. It includes:

Consultation, Hypnosis, Regression – RTT, An Inspired Action-Plan, One personalised Hypnotic Recording for your ongoing use., One Coaching-call, approximately twenty minutes, to check-in with your progress and answer any questions

The follow-up session is approximately one and a half hours. It includes:

Clearing any residual negative energy if required, Creating new compelling goals, You will have one new additional personalised Hypnotic Recording, An ongoing strategy for transformation.

(Three sessions)

The first session is approximately one and a half hours.  It includes:

Consultation, Goal-Setting, Guided Creative Visualization, Inspired Action Plan

The second session is approximately one and a half hours. It includes:

Hypnotherapy/RTT, An updated Inspired Action Plan, One personalised Hypnotic Recording, One Coaching call, approximately twenty minutes, to check-in with your progress as your accountability partner

The third session is approximately one hour. It includes:

One new personalised Hypnotic Recording, Setting Intentions, Transformational Blueprint

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Executive Transformational Program


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Health & Wellness Program


(Three or six months, as required)

Sessions are one hour duration, spaced a month apart. It includes Personalised Coaching incorporating:

Goal-setting, Hypnosis, Strategies for achieving success, Positive mindset tools and resources, Setting-intention and creative-visualization

This package allows you to achieve a rock-solid foundation for clarity, freedom and the manifestation of your biggest dreams. Ongoing mastery for those who want continued support in Designing and Creating their Successful Future.

(Three sessions)

Sessions are one hour duration, spaced a fortnight apart. Incorporating:

Meditation, Mindfulness, Creative-visualization, Setting Intentions, Hypnosis, Healing, Relaxing and Releasing Techniques

After the completion of each session, you will feel renewed, re-energized and inspired to move forward confidently in your life.

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