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We are all unique with different needs, wants and desires. I tailor every session to address each client’s particular issue or challenge. 

I offer Zoom or Skype sessions, and I work with clients all over the world so that everyone can start their journey towards freedom, abundance, happiness and success.

I also offer personal face-to-face sessions.  I work with Health Retreats, Companies and CEOs, Public Speaking Clubs, Networking Groups and Schools to empower and transform.

Rapid Transformational Therapy RTT Perth
Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT)
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Mindset Mastery with Myia Cleggett Personalized Hypnotherapy Audio
Mindset Mastery Personalized Audio
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(Three sessions)

The first session is approximately one hour. It includes:

Our initial consultation where together we will create a rich blueprint for your dream life and the strategies to achieve your compelling goals.


  • Transformation Action-Plan;
  • Gratitude & Success Journal; and
  • Principles of Transformation eBook.

The second session is approximately one and a half hours. It includes: 

  • Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) - which includes Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, and Regression;
  • One personalized Hypnotic Recording created especially for you; and 
  • One Coaching-call, approximately thirty minutes, to support, guide, and inspire your progress.

The third session is approximately one and a half hours. It includes:

  • Clearing any residual negative energy if required and creating new compelling goals. 
  • One new personalized Hypnotic Recording for continuous transformation; and
  • An ongoing strategy for rock-solid change.

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(One session)

Create Your own Personalized Audio. Tailor made to your requirements and using your compelling words.

After your purchase, simply complete the online 'wish list' form and Myia will be in touch to complete your Personalized Audio and book in your half-hour phone consultation.


  • A dynamic, personalized MP3 using your name and ‘wish list’ to create a powerful blueprint for your subconscious mind.
  • A half-hour phone consultation 
  • A personalized Transformation Action Plan to help you fast track your RESULTS.
  • Your choice of background music and/or sounds. 


RTT Process Video
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Accelerate your Growth and Abundance with a Transformational Program
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Experience personal breakthroughs and Supercharge your Self-Development
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Release limiting beliefs with the Silver Transformational Program
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(Twelve months)

The Platinum Transformational Program accelerates:

  • Growth and development of an ABUNDANCE Mindset 
  • Installing new empowering beliefs for continuous success
  • Emotional & Behavioural mastery
  • Generating & achieving phenomenal courage and resilience

You will build an exceptional framework with expert guidance to keep you on track and identify opportunities and strategies for creating phenomenal personal and business growth.

Working with Myia, who is an experienced Success Coach AND RTT therapist, is your ultimate tool to achieve long-term, transformational results.

(Six months)

The Gold Transformational Program experience:

  • Personal BREAKTHROUGHS and supercharging self-development
  • Attracting phenomenal growth in ALL areas of life – Career, Love & Success
  • Ongoing mastery and powerful support in Designing your Successful Future
  • A dynamic success coach guiding you step-by-step into Manifesting Mastery

 Are you ready to recode the old limiting subconscious default with new empowering and upgraded programs? 

This inspirational course will ignite super focused concentration, unlimited confidence and compelling motivation at a deep subconscious level.

(Three months)

The Silver Transformational Program Manifesting Mastery: 

  • Clear unconscious negative programming
  • Release fear, self-doubt & lack of confidence
  • Stop Procrastination and the negative inner dialogue
  • Feel more happiness and a powerful sense of purpose 

Enjoy being guided in mastering Wealth Creation, Positive Psychology and Personal Empowerment. 

Upgrade your self-worth and overcome subconscious blocks and personal challenges.


  • Wealth Attraction Audio
  • Super Confidence Audio
  • Health & Vitality Audio