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Jack Canfield and Myia Cleggett

Click on the image above to watch the powerful and inspiring motivational interview with world-famous Jack Canfield - founder of the billion-dollar The Chicken Soup for the Soul brand and author of The Success Principles.

Really good work, thank you so much, I know that what you’re doing is phenomenal, keep it up. Great book. I encourage you to work with Myia, I can tell she knows what she is doing” - JACK CANFIELD

Andrea Biel and Myia Cleggett

Join Andrea Biel - Europe’s #1 Inner Breakthrough Professional and Myia Cleggett – Rapid Transformational Therapist on the power of Visualisation and how you can retrain your mind for success. 

Be guided in an empowering hypnotic visualisation to attract more happiness and prosperity into your life!

"Thank you Andrea, An Amazing way to start off this long weekend" - Eva Louise Landgren

Salome Schillack and Myia Cleggett

Click on the image above to enjoy the interview between Salome Schillack from Shine & Succeed and Myia Cleggett from Mind Motivation Coaching, as Myia explains how to Master the Power of the Law of Attraction!

Jack Canfield and Myia Cleggett

Click on the image above to listen to this inspiring podcast with Myia Cleggett  from Mind Motivation Coaching and Alison Morgan from Relauncher as they discuss the incredible power of Hypnosis, how it can rewire and reprogram your mind to attract more happiness and success. Learn two things you can change right now to make a powerful, abundant impact on your life.

Rostrum Speaker of the Year Myia Cleggett

Myia Cleggett was presented with Speaker of the Year in 2017 by Rostrum Club 33. To read the article in full click on the picture above.

Sweet and Sour and Myia Cleggett

Click on the image above to watch Myia Cleggett appearing as a special guest panelist having being asked back for the fourth time!

Sweet and Sour on Channel 44 is Australia’s longest-running community panel talk show. The host, Gary Mitchell, and a select group of panelists help people to solve their issues.

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