How to Enjoy the Festive Season  


This time of year can sometimes be quite stressful and overwhelming, so I would love to share my three favourite tips on how to actually, ENJOY the Season of Jollyness!!


‘The best gift you can give is to be a warm and happy person.' 

Tip 1:

If you are finding it hard to summon excitement, about visiting all the relatives this season, practise the following:

Write down five positive things about the person that you are having difficulties with, for example –

They are a great cook

They have a weird (and very funny) sense of humour

They really love your children

They have lots of experience/knowledge of travel, music, sport…

This then focuses your mind on the positive as opposed to looking for and expecting, only negative thoughts and feelings.

Tip 2:

Visualise, emotionalise and Set your Intention of how you WANT the party/lunch/dinner to go. In other words, run through your mind that you will be feeling happy, all the conversations that you can hear (all fun and filled with laughter) and see everyone smiling and happy. This then sets a road map into your subconscious mind, as I have mentioned before, the subconscious mind does not know the difference between what is real or what is imagined. So once the mind has played it, it can then start to bring that, into your reality!!

Tip 3: 

As Law of Attraction states, ‘like attracts like', so give out the vibe/energy of what you want to receive and experience. Do the things that make you feel happy, fun and positive. This could be watching a favourite movie, listening to some fab music, talking to your best buddies. When your vibration is excited and joyful, that is the vibration that will be drawn back to you.

Enjoy being with your loved ones and give thanks and gratitude to all the wonderful things that are already happening in your life.