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How to Release and Reduce Anxiety during Pregnancy with the Power of your Mind.

Release Anxiety with the Power of your Mind.

The one thing we have control over is our thoughts. This intentional thinking can help to reduce stress and anxiety during pregnancy.

You can have a phenomenal influence over your mind and body when you know how to use your powerful subconscious mind. Therefore, to empower ourselves and our unborn baby, awareness and understanding are transformational.  

To counteract any negative thoughts and emotions, we can start to focus on what we DO WANT to experience instead of what we DON’T WANT.  

Wherever our attention goes, our energy flows, therefore choosing a "better-feeling" thought and choosing to put our attention on what we DO want to be, do or feel, will create a different and positive reality for ourselves and our unborn child.  When we change our self-talk to positive, uplifting, nurturing, loving and joyful, we experience a lightness-of-being in our consciousness.

Some stress in pregnancy is normal. However, continued stress, leading to anxiety and depression, can have a detrimental effect on your baby while in the womb.

Common Worries and Concerns that cause anxiety during pregnancy.

Common Worries and Concerns of Pregnant Mothers:

  • Will we/I have enough money to raise this child?

  • Will my baby be healthy? What happens if they have a medical issue? How will I cope?

  • I am scared of the pain of birth.

  • What happens if I don’t get to have a natural birth?

  • I am scared of having a natural birth.

  • If I put on weight during my pregnancy, will I still be attractive?

  • Will this baby change my relationship?

  • I am worried about being a single parent.

  • My whole life is going to change.

  • I am not going to be able to drink alcohol or socialise like I used to.

  • I hate hospitals ☹

All of these fears can cause anxiety and stress. When parents become overwhelmed or fearful, the unborn child will pick up that energy, especially when the parent is experiencing heightened emotion, for example, sadness, anger or anxiety.  

Dr Bruce Lipton and Epigenetics.

How this incredible science can help you to reduce your stress and anxiety during pregnancy.

Epigenetics is the study of how we can influence our genes through our thoughts, emotions, actions, perceptions, beliefs and attitudes. Dr Bruce Lipton has invested years into the further understanding of Epigenetics. In an interview with Dr Rosina McAlpine in her book, ‘Inspired Children’, he explains that...

if the pregnant mother is happy, the fetus is happy because the same chemistry of emotions that affect the mothers system is crossing into the fetus. If the mother is scared or stressed, the same stress hormones cross and adjust the fetus. Our cells are actually reading our behaviour and giving us information as to whether or not were working in harmony with our biology. Using this intelligence is vital; it will help us create a happy, harmonious life on this planet for ourselves and our unborn child.”


The impact of stress and anxiety during pregnancy.

Firsthand experience with my clients.

Increased stress during pregnancy has been linked to the growing number of children with emotional and behavioural issues.  During sessions with my clients, I have personally witnessed the evidence of this when my clients have regressed to the womb during their session and could feel the mother’s (and also father’s) tension and anxiety.  A parent's negative thoughts, beliefs, and emotions impact an unborn child’s physical growth, brain development, and psychological health.

I have worked with many clients (both male and female), and both sexes have shown the impact that a stressful pregnancy endured by their mother has had upon their mental and physical development.  When parents discuss or argue that a new child is straining their resources, as in; not enough money, food or space, the unborn child can unconsciously be programmed to conclude that they are a burden, unlovable and not wanted. That money and love are not available to them.

While under hypnosis, I have had so many female clients go back to being in the womb and picking up that their parents wanted a boy instead of a girl.  The effect upon the client in their adult life has been the development of unconscious limiting beliefs that they are; not accepted, don’t belong, not good enough, unlovable, have no sense of connection and are judged by everyone.  They have a ‘fear of failure’ and procrastinate because their unconscious programming is that they are not wanted or good enough the way they are.  The result is low self-esteem, a lack of confidence, and always worrying about what others think.

Here are some effective ways to reduce anxiety in your pregnancy. 

Powerful keys to creating the most loving, harmonious and nurturing environment for your baby in the womb:

  • Deep Relaxation – self-massage (or being massaged by a loving partner or massage therapist) with beautiful essential oils

  • Long, Slow, Deep Diaphragmatic Breathing – this calms down the Central Nervous System.

  • Meditation – so many benefits, quietens the mind, aids in releasing stress, calms and centres the body, mind and spirit.

  • Yoga – can improve sleep, decrease stress and anxiety, increase the strength, flexibility and endurance of muscles needed for childbirth.

  • Gentle Joyful Exercise – moving your body easily and effortlessly, mindfully, happily – anything that makes you feel in the ‘flow state’: walking, dancing, stretching, swimming

  • Positive Self-Talk – When we plant positive seeds into our subconscious, it promotes loving, calming, peaceful, happy feelings and emotions and helps you connect to your baby. These positive messages will empower you and your baby at a deep cellular level. Upgrade the energy in your mind and body with powerful, loving positive suggestions and create more harmony, balance and joyful expectation.

‘I love and welcome my beautiful baby into my life.  My baby is surrounded by love, happiness and joy, I want my baby so much.  My baby is so adored and so special to me.  My baby is SO IMPORTANT to me.  My baby is strong and perfect, my body nourishes my baby, and I nourish my precious baby emotionally with my love.” 

  • Choose to be Mindful of your Environment. Nature is an instant reset – connect with the earth, experience being in nature at a deep level with all your senses. Feel the soft earth underneath your feet, be aware of a breeze caressing your face, feel the gentle warmth as you look up to the golden sunshine or see the clouds, or feel the rain, hear the sound of birds singing joyously, taste the freshness of the air. See the colours of the plants, trees or flowers. Be there in the moment, and be mindful of the ‘now’.

  • Practise Gratitude - when our thoughts are focused on all the things that we are grateful for and appreciate already in our life, there is no room for fear or anxiety. When we choose to look through the lens of ‘love’ instead of ‘fear’, we realise what a wonderful gift life truly is.

  • Music – enjoy the sounds of nature, crystal bowls and beautiful, uplifting, soothing and relaxing music.

  • Eating Mindfully – choose healthy and nutritiously delicious whole foods and plant-based foods that energise, nourish and revitalise your beautiful body and your precious baby within you. Drink refreshing, hydrating, cleansing and purified water that flushes out any toxins and replenishes the body.

  • Nurturing your Mind – release resistance to what ‘is’. Live in the present, in the moment, no regrets from the past – loving the ‘now’, looking forward to all the new magical moments yet to come, and experience the stillness of internal dialogue.

You are the creator of your everyday reality.  Make all your decisions from a love-based space and release any reactive fear-based thoughts, emotions, and behaviours.  If any negative thoughts, situations, or experiences come up, you can now choose with awareness to let the negative energy go.  Release it, and wrap that negative energy in healing light.  Maybe release it into the ocean and watch it dissolve and wash away with the tide.  Or choose to see a powerful, healing, bright white light, dissolving the negative energy into tiny particles and imagine it disappearing out and up, floating, releasing, going…and gone!

You and your baby are a perfect team. Your baby is powerfully and safely connected to you and your body. You can show your baby how much you love it and how precious it is to you. Enjoy this radiant time in your life, and place your focus on your healthy baby growing inside you, getting ready to be born to you - safely, healthy and happy.



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