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Stop Living in Victim Mode!


I'm so excited to share with you today, HOW TO STOP BEING A VICTIM and HOW YOU CAN TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE.

With this one easy step you can make a shift from feeling overwhelmed and "Awful Things Always Happen To Me" to feeling positive, excited and in control of your life and your reality.

How living in victim mode creates the reality you DON'T want!

I want to show you how this works and to do that I will share with you my personal story of how my life used to be:

Years ago I had this thing with car accidents. I had THREE car accidents one after another and I kept on saying to myself "why is this happening to me, what's wrong with me, how come this doesn't happen to anyone else?" I felt I had absolutely NO control over what was happening in my life.

My friends and family would ask me how I was and I would spend nearly all the conversation droning on and on about how much pain I was in from the whiplash, how much money I had spent on the doctors I had seen, all the X Rays I had to have done, blah, blah, blah ... In the end, my friends and family would make a joke about it and ask, "so which hospital have you been in this week?" When I would meet new people, they would ask me how I was, and I would go into this big STORY about "woe is me, 3 car accidents", I would make it sound funny, but the whole conversation would be based on doom and gloom and I would relive the feelings of pain, overwhelm, being out of control, helpless and a VICTIM of circumstance.

I finally came to the realization I didn't want to be telling that story, and I didn't want to be in Victim Mode anymore. I realized the more I spoke about all the negative things that were happening in my life, the more focus and feeling I put into that story, the more those bad things kept on happening to me. I was EXPECTING only bad experiences because that was where my focus and emotion was. It was like I had blinkers on and could only see the bad stuff.

So how does this help you to move away from being a victim and stop living in victim mode?

Tell me, what is YOUR story? When someone asks how you are, do you jump right in and talk about all the negative things that have happened to you? Is your story about how you are putting on weight, how you hate your job, how you keep on attracting the wrong partner etc.

How to shift from living in victim mode to having an amazing reality!

So to make a shift from being in Victim Mode and experiencing all the negative things that are happening in your reality, you can choose to instead, become a solution-orientated storyteller!

Begin to come up with all the positive actions, thoughts and feelings of the life and reality that you DO want.

Write a list of exactly how you want your life to play out, the great solutions and ideas, of your ideal scenario. When you are writing out, and thinking, and talking about these positive choices, really feel the powerful emotion of, being in control.

Once I made the decision to stop living in Victim Mode, I changed my story. I did not even mention my car accidents or the physical pain I was experiencing.

My new story was, how much I was enjoying my fun, strengthening classes that I was doing. I would talk about the great things that I was looking forward to, a new course that I was applying for, swimming in the ocean.

I made a shift from feeling negative and out of control to focussing only on the good and the positive. I found, once I made this deliberate choice to only look for the happy circumstances in my life, I attracted more of that reality.

Change your story and Change your Life!

You have a choice to Change Your Story, Change Your Life!! I would love to know how this helps you, please share your wonderful new story with me?


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