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Valentines Day

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I wanted to share these thoughts from my Gratitude and Success Journal. Tips to reignite love in a relationship:

  • Admire your partner. Admiration is about the story you tell yourself and others about your partner. Your partner will live up to that identity. Make it as positive and loving as you possibly can!!
  • Start all communications on a happy and positive note. Speak to them how you would like to be spoken to, in a loving and respectful way.  Ask yourself these questions before any conversation: “is my comment kind, true or necessary?”.
  • Set the intention – ‘this is going to be a beautiful, loving conversation’. • Relive all the amazing reasons you fell in love with your partner in the first place. Replay the excitement, passion and all the ‘tingly’ sensations you had when you first met. Remember the first time they said the ‘L’ word to you.

When you love yourself, that’s when you’re most beautiful - Zoe Kravitz

  • Think about the little things that ignite romantic feelings: maybe a surprise hug, holding hands while you are walking together, a loving smile, a picnic on the beach at sunset, a bottle of bubbles and some juicy strawberries, a surprise weekend away, etc.
  • Journal their good characteristics (x3) every day (nurture gratitude, not resentment or sarcasm). Beauty is when you can appreciate yourself and others.
  • If you are feeling relationship challenged, act ‘as if’ you are the most loving, adoring, sexy partner for an hour and feel the positive shift. It works, just try it!
  • Choose to focus on what is best for the relationship – rather than focusing on ‘being right’. Think about the outcome that you want for a loving relationship.
  • Bring to mind everything about your partner that made you fall in love with him or her, and replay that, over and over in your mind. Remember how you felt, what you used to do together, what you used to say to each other and recreate it. Bring back the goosebumps.
  • Be patient and forgiving. Learn to forgive and forget their occasional outburst. No one is perfect, and I’m sure you want them to forget when you have a bad day.
  • Use the power of authentic verbal appreciation: “Wow, I’m so proud of you!  You are amazing!  I’m so lucky you are in my life!”. Genuine compliments create beautiful energy.


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