Myia Cleggett Director of Mind Motivation Coaching
Create Your Future

Transform Your Life

"Myia, after our short session, I was amazed that I could move on and
free myself from a past occurrence that had caused deep emotional
pain and self doubt. You helped me immensely"

Create Your Future

Transform Your Life

"One of her techniques was hypnotherapy, which was very
enjoyable and relaxing... all the while being re-programmed
with positive new suggestions"

Create Your Future

Transform Your Life

"What an amazing journey working with you Myia I am
amazed at how much achieved in just 3 sessions."

Create Your Future

Transform Your Life

"A very comfortable environment where I felt safe and secure to open up
and embrace the thought 're-patterning' offered! I came away from
each session feeling empowered"

    Hypnotherapy & NLP

    Create Your Future with Mind Motivation Coaching

    Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT)

    The Marisa Peer Method

    Do you feel –

    • That something is holding you back and you don’t know what it is?
    • Weighed down by your inner voice telling you “you are not good/smart/capable enough”?
    • You have a fear of failure, of rejection, of being judged and lack confidence?
    • You have an underlying sense of ANXIETY that is stopping you from moving forward?
    • You love the idea of Law of Attraction, but don’t know HOW to apply it to your life?

    Rapid Transformational Therapy is the answer

    to releasing your subconscious limiting beliefs and behaviours.  

    Mind Motivation Coaching specializes in: Confidence, Career, Health & Wellness, Personal Development, Mindfulness, Abundance, Relationships, Life Purpose, & Life Balance.

    Read more about our Premier Programs and how you can start to live your dream life now!

    • Experience a greater sense of passion, purpose and success, and shift your life to a higher level.
    • Move through resistance and unconscious blocks that are holding you back.
    • Have greater confidence and a positive, success-mindset.
    • Learn how to meditate, live mindfully and tap into your inner peace.

    If you are ready to have your very own empowering PERSONAL MIND COACH by your side (SKYPE sessions are equally valuable, and available to clients who don’t reside in Perth WA), I would love to work with you.  I also offer Executive Speaking Programs to inspire and motivate Corporations, Organizations, Networking Groups and Schools, in the Power of the Mind.   Contact Myia today!

    We are all works in progress, no matter how evolved we think we are, there are always areas of life where it is possible to take action, add value, challenge and upgrade our lives.

    Create Your Dream Life with a Positive Mind/Body Connection

    How to live Mindfully with Mind Motivation Coaching

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    Lose Weight with Mind Motivation Coaching

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    GPS to Success with Mind Motivation Coaching
    Latest Blog

    Kind Comments

    The first session I felt you really took the time to listen carefully to my jumble of emotions, feelings and ‘issues’ . You then spent time articulating to me succinctly the main issues that I might like to address in the 3 sessions I was going to have with you.


    It was an interesting journey taken with Myia, to delve in and define my fear around money that has been holding me back. She enabled me to locate that point in time when its awareness was created and reinforced, and then move away from it.

    Alexandra Hopkins

    Myia, thank you very much for a highly insightful session…I was able to successfully address something that has presented significant difficulty to me in my life. After our short session, I was amazed that I could move on and free myself from a past occurrence that had caused deep emotional pain and self doubt.


    I saw Myia about a problem that I had been having for 6 years. Something that I felt I just couldn’t get past and that was holding me back. Myia did this exercise that completely changed my perspective on the situation, and immediately the anxiety of the problem went away

    Kelly Robinson

    I look forward to hearing about this amazing Hypnotist that is taking over WA in the coming year

    Craig Jamison

    Myia has an amazing talent and special gift with the way she coaches and I am blessed to have had her help me and continue to help me through the challenging periods of life.

    Pippa Candido

    Myia is amazing. The session I had with her today left me feeling so positive and in the right place. I have techniques now to deal with my fears and I already feel better and think differently. Thank you and highly recommend her services! Can’t wait for the next session :-)

    Courtney Black

    I’m a coach. Ok, so who do I see when I need coaching? Myia at Mind Motivation Coaching.
    The coaches Coach. Myia has techniques and tools that are revving up my motivation GPS and setting my intentions clearer and faster. The hypnotherapy session was brilliant!
    Thanks Myia for your safe, quick and effective coaching.

    Vivienne Garrett

    Within my first session with Myia I knew that I was dealing with the right person and that the Universe had brought me to the right place.

    David Gray

    Myia is one of the most moving, driven, positive, inspirational, influential woman I’ve ever met in my entire life.(and I’m not easily impressed…)

    Jules Eversden

    The recording has been a HUGE help. I’m dead asleep a few minutes into it. I can’t thank you enough.


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